Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Picks

My first blog, and its a special one. A Christmas Eve edition. Tomorrow means big implications for some playoff hopeful teams, and then there are teams that are trying to "Suck for Luck" (sup Colts). Two great games include the Big Apple Bowl (Giants vs Jets), or the Big Easy Battle between the Matty Ice and Breesus. Let's just hope we all get what we want for Christmas tomorrow, so lets go BIG BLUE!
I have the winning teams in bold.
Browns vs. RAVENS
Ray Rice. He should run circles around this defense. With 20 carries, there's no doubt they win. I wouldn't expect much from Flacco, especially now that one of his WR's is out. Browns have no offense, and the Ravens have one of the league's best defenses. 
BRONCOS vs Bills
Is it Tebow Time? Not till there's 5 minutes left in the 4th. But I wouldn't wait that long. Tebow should have a good game, and coming off a humiliating loss last week, the Broncos defense should look sharp against a struggling offense. Expect Fitzy to get big yards, but still suffer a loss. 
Buccaneers vs. PANTHERS
It's time for the rookie of the year to make more highlights. Like Brady to Moss 4 years ago, its Cam to Smith all day.  And after an embarrassing offensive performance last week, the Bucs won't get that to change this week. 
CARDINALS vs. Bengals
Kolb has been rules out for this week, giving John Skelton the start. That's proved great for Larry Fitz, who gets more looks his way during Skeltons' starts. Expect Fitzgerald to get over 100 yards in this Week 16 win.
RAIDERS vs. Chiefs
Dolphins vs. PATRIOTS
The Patriots are coming off a great win against Jesus Tebow, and since they're playing at home against the Fins, this should be gg. Welker is questionable, but with targets like Ochocinco, Hernandez, Branch, or Gronkowski, Brady should have no problem finding the endzone more than once this week.
GIANTS vs. Jets
By far the game I'm most excited to see. The Big Apple Battle. The MetLife Matchup. *Insert Pun Here*. After days of smack talk, one team will come up and one will shut up. I really see this as a shoot out, with Manning having a career year and Sanchez being stellar at home. I see Manning slipping by Revis Island and Sanchez eating dirt multiple times, courtesy of JPP & crew. 
Roethlisburger out. Start Batch. I lol'd. But Steelers should win. They're at home. They've got a reason to play. And with the best defense in the league and other playmakers on offense, Pittsburgh will beat out the offenseless Rams. 
Jaguars vs. TITANS
This was a big tossup for me. It really comes down to what MJD can do, while if CJ2K shows up. Will we get the 200 yard threat, or the 5 fantasy point running back no one wants to bench, you know, because he maybe decides to show up this week. Titans win by less than 2 possessions. 
VIKINGS vs. Redskins
Ponder is having a great year, expect for the big number of interceptions. Despite their record, the Vikings can still go head to head with a top 5 team and fight hard. Even more so, Peterson will be back this week. Highlight reels gonna highlight reel. 
Chargers vs. LIONS
Down by 3 scores. Comeback and win. No, its not Tebow Time. It's just Stafford's way of saying this team never gives up. The Silver Lioning came up big last week in the game winning block. With great offense and a big play defense, the playoff bound Lions will win big in Detroit. 
EAGLES vs. Cowboys
The Dream Team is back. No, not the Heat. Talking about the Dream Team in Philly. Vick is looking better than ever, and McCoy is always a big play threat. CB Samuels is out, so their defense will be a bit bad vs a resurgent Romo. Another NFC East shootout. If you've got an offensive weapon on fantasy football for either team, you should be good. Let's go Felix Jones!
49ERS vs. Seahawks
49ers already have the NFC West. It's all cruise control here until the playoffs. They might rest some players in the second half, but they still will beat out Skittles and co. It won't be a huge margin though, since we're at Qwest Field, home of the 12th man. 
Bears vs. PACKERS
They finally lost. To the Chiefs. So they are beatable. Not this week though. After losing Forte weeks ago, Marion Barber is doubtful this week. So there goes that offense. And while Rodgers was held to a season low 22 fantasy points, he should be good this week. Expect an early benching from Rodgers and other starters, but a Weeks 16 win nonetheless. 
Falcons vs. SAINTS
Drew Brees needs 305 yards to break Marino's record. Excpet about 350. It's the Saints at home, with an NFC South Title in reach. While the Falcons have looked great the last few weeks, Brees, Graham, and Colston will find a way to beat you. Saints by 10. check em'