Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Picks

We've been waiting all year long for this. It'll be a shortened season, but who gives a F---. The NBA is back, and we've got 5 great games for tip off. Big stories for the year include the signing of Chandler to the Knicks, Paul's trade to L.A., and the Heatles going for round 2 of their run. Already dubbed as the favorites, the Heat look to rebound after last year loss in the NBA finals. Rose has admitted that he hasn't forgotten about last year, and Kobe has been vocal about the lack of management in the loss of Odom and the miss for CP3. As we look forward to the NBA Christmas day games, we look forward to the season long, never ending drama of "As the NBA World Turns".

Teams in CAPS are the teams I have winning.
Celtics vs. KNICKS
Tipin it off in the capital of the world, as we have the Knicks showing off their brand new player in Tyson Chandler to go along with Amare and Melo. And while the Boston three party comes to crash New York's party, we're in new york, they've got an electric offense, and they didn't go quietly last season. I've got the Knicks taking this high scoring affair.
HEAT vs. Mavericks
The rematch of the NBA Finals last year, as the Sith battle the Jedi for control of the galaxy. Where have I seen this before? Anyway, James and Wade, and the third wheel, go into Dallas to face Dirk and the defending champions. The camera will be focused on James as those banners go up, and look for James to take control of this game. An aging Mavs squad won't keep up with the flaming Heat, so I've got the Heat winning, say by 10.
BULLS vs. Lakers
It's the showdown of MVP's in a Hollywood showdown. D-Rose and crew face Kobe in what should prove to be the game of the day. The Lakers, who recently lost Odom, look to prove that they are L.A.'s A-Team, while Rose goes out to prove that his number last year were no fluke. I have them as the NBA champs, and my pick for tomorrow. Too much depth for L.A. to handle. Bulls are taking this.
Magic vs. THUNDER
Whether D12 would remain in Orlando during the post lockout was up in the air every single day. To my surprise, they never gave him up, and now they have 1 season left before he becomes a free agent. That means they must be able to show they can compete with the best in the league. Enter Thunder. This young, exciting team features the high flying antics of Durant and the dominating defense of Surge I-block-ya. With a playoff atmosphere in the arena, look for Durant to overcome the Defensive P-O-Y and his magic in O.K.C.
CLIPPERS vs. Warriors
Here's one of the more exciting teams in the league with Griffin making the jams, even more now that they added Paul and give Kobe a run for his money. While the Warriors do have a good team, the Clippers will simply over match them in this Golden State matchup. Now let the dunks begin!


  1. スポーツが好きですか?私もスポーツが好きですよ!:)

  2. All I want to see is OKC kill it, they're a small city team and they deserve to do good this year, especially with KD and Ibaka. Merry Christmas reagrdless, and nice blog!

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  4. I didn't know they played on Christmas!

  5. I was so pissed that Lakers didnt get CP3

  6. I have to be honest that I don't know much about basketball. But I'm trying to learn. This is rather informative

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  9. What did I say, OKC murked the Magic! Great job so far buddy ;)

  10. I was thinking the NBA was frozen from playing since the dispute of pay check.